Robert Oellinger,Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Robert Oellinger

Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Robert Oellinger is Senior DisAbility Consultant at myAbility and expert for accessible building infrastructure, certified by Austrian Standards. He is long-time board member of the Forum for Usher Syndrome and Deaf blindness.

Before working in the field of disability and inclusion, Robert worked in top management functions of large Austrian companies in the health and social sector. He has shown that his own disability has increased his potential and abilities. Robert is convinced that inclusion brings many opportunities and successes to both the employees and their company. Therefore, it is important for him to deal openly with his disability and thereby use his full potential. Robert's vision is to create a diverse and inclusive society where everyone has equal rights and opportunities. Therefore, Robert's mission in life is to constantly promote accessibility and inclusion and to spread awareness in the economy as well as in society.

Recognising the power of the disabled community in enhancing change, Robert has built a strong network of disability experts, passing on the spark of disability confidence to businesses and employees with disabilities alike.