Consulting for cultural change

PurpleSpace is the world's only community of cross-industry and cross-sector disabled employee networks / resource groups: a modern can-do eco-system of change agents..

We offer a range of consultancy services from strategic advice to tailor-made workshops and training aimed at making it easier for disabled employee network / resource group leaders to influence and improve business performance by building disability confidence from the inside out. Our vast experience and track record means that we are uniquely placed to help organisations navigate the life-cycle of disability confidence by using the primary vehicle for change – your own people

Personal development allows colleagues to understand who they are at their core and what goals they are setting out to accomplish. It is an essential part of gaining fulfilment and happiness and work, and in life. It starts with colleagues understanding themselves. Understanding how disability impacts on us helps us to deepen our connections with other colleagues. Employees with lived experience of disability / ill health often benefit from some extra support to develop the inner confidence to frame our lived experiences and be prepared to share aspects of how our ‘difference’ may impact us at work.

The power of stories is something leaders have known about for a long time, whether in business or politics: they are a tool to create real change. And it is an important skill for disabled employees to master too, so they can reframe the narrative to one where their stories can be heard in their complexity, their truth and their authenticity, and to help drive change from the inside out: as individuals and as part of cultural change

We deliver eight core consultancy offerings to accelerate change: And we are with you every step of the way as you learn directly from your own people – building confidence together and building a better working world.

Lived Experience Focus Groups

Through targeted focus groups, and our tried and trusted formula, we can help your organisation to ask the right questions to create a plan and develop a better working world for your disabled employees.

Purple Confidence Personal Development Programme

This Purple Development Programme will help delegates understand how to get round the ‘soft bigotry’ of low expectation, focus on their career plans, ask for what they need and build a plan for success.

Networkology Foundation Workshop

Our start-up workshop will help a group of budding volunteers build a ‘prototype’ employee network, a ‘starter’ strategy and outline some key goals to get set up.

Purple Stories Workshop

Our story telling workshop supports employees to share information about their disability in a way that builds inner confidence. Run in groups of around 12, we create a unique environment that enables people to talk about how they can become a little bolder about being who they are. Then the changes start to ripple out.

Fishbowl Learning

Our Fishbowl immersive learning experience for senior leaders or teams of managers who work together are designed to create an active listening experience using their own employees.

Network Workout

Our Network Workout will put a network / resource group committee through their paces, help them refresh a tired strategy and inject some va-va-voom into the mix.

360º Impact Review

Our deep dive exercise will offer a 360º appraisal of the network / resource group and offer recommendations on strategy, goals, initiatives and structure


Our ground-breaking research about the topic of sharing information about disability and ill health and what to avoid when monitoring your workplace resulted in the book ‘Secrets & Big News’, we are able to support our client’s research needs.

What our clients say….

"We wouldn’t use any other firm when it comes to building an inclusive disability culture.” “We needed an organisation that would flex to suit our needs. PurpleSpace did that in abundance. Their consultancy services helped us to create a road map when we had no idea where to start or what to do."

Our 'off the shelf' consultancy packages suit most budgets, and we are able to build custom programmes upon request.

What next?

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