PurpleSpace Resources

'Networkology' is the word we use at PurpleSpace to describe the ‘art and science’ of creating high-performing Disability Employee Networks (DEN) / Employee Resource Groups (ERG).

Becoming a fully-fledged 'Networkologist' means setting out on a journey of growth and development and can typically take from 18 months to five years to master the essential skills and know-how.

To help you on your voyage of discovery towards inner confidence as a network / ERG leader and supporter, we have categorised our resources into three swim lanes to make it easier for you to select those that are most relevant to you at this stage of the journey. Naturally some of the resources will help all our members, irrespective of what stage they are at, so be sure to delve into the different swim lanes and see what’s on offer and where you are heading.

We want you to be adventurous and whether you are a fledgling or thriving network / ERG leader, make time to look around the full library of resources – exclusive to our member community.

Starting Out

This is the first stage of the 'Networkology' journey for individuals / organisations completely new to leading a DEN / ERG (or reinvigorating a long-established network in need of a refresh). You may have been established for at least 18 months, but you are starting to learn about the concept of building disability confidence from the inside out.

Stepping Up

Your network / ERG is likely to have been established for two to four years and you’ve built some strong foundations. You are now ready to take your DEN / ERG to the next level by proactively helping your organisation to build inner disability confidence by forging strong relationships with champions and allies.

Thriving and Innovating

Your DEN / ERG is thriving and influencing cultural change on disability inclusion both within your organisation and with external allies and partners. Your organisation is also likely to be establishing sub or satellite DENs / ERGs as well as networks across the globe.

For further information please contact us by emailing info@purplespace.org.