Accelerating the global growth of the disability ERG/Network movement

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An estimated 80 per cent of the world’s over one billion people with disabilities are of working age. Yet, very few life experiences invoke the same mixture of pity, fear, awkwardness or feelings of inconvenience from others.

These human reactions can make it challenging for employees and employers around the world when setting out to create an accessible working world. They require employees to build resilience and confidence and for employers to develop a sophisticated approach to cultural change.

To accelerate the pace of change, the PurpleSpace strategy 2022-2025 sets out a bold ambition to supercharge the global disability ERG/Network movement by:

  • Equipping multinational organisations to develop their approach to disability ERG/Networks.
  • Connecting disability ERG/Network leaders from around the world with each other.

Purple Planet: How to create high impact disability ERG/Networks in global organisations

With the generous support of the International Labour Organisation and Eli Lilly and Company, PurpleSpace has published a resource that articulates the impact of disability ERGs/Networks in global companies and outlines how to accelerate their growth.

The resource incorporates insights and experiences from over 35 global Disability ERG/Network Leaders and DEI professionals from across the PurpleSpace community.

The organisations that contributed to this resource have created disability-focused communities in over 56 countries.

Global disability ERG/Networks and their leaders are creating extraordinary impact from successfully advocating for the establishment of a global accessibility department to the simple but powerful act of connecting individuals who feel completely isolated, with a vibrant community of colleagues who share their experiences.

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