Pre-loved clothes or purple buildings?

Since 2017 employers have leveraged the movement to maximise engagement in the way that best suits them.

For some, that means lighting buildings externally and/or internally and for others it means encouraging colleagues to dress in pre-loved clothes to leverage the colour purple to showcase their allyship to employees with disabilities.

We are fans of both, so long as employers remain within their own sustainability guidelines.

From 2023 onwards we will particularly encourage the use of pre-loved purple clothes and accessories and hope to see many more people on the social media airwaves.

PurpleSpace is currently building its knowledge-bank of reputable shops and outlets. Here is a short list of organisations you can try.

Do let us know of any more that you come across. 


Arc Thrift Stores 

DAV Thrift Stores 

Value Village 

Goodwill industries


Good Sammy 

Charitable Recycling 

Epilepsy Foundation 


Scope – UK 

Emmaus – France 

OXFAM – Germany, France

SAT Animal Rescue - Spain


2nd Street – Japan

Impact Case Studies