How employers can plan their own activities

Delivering an impactful #PositivelyPurple starts with planning and deciding your internal purpose. With this in mind, consider: Where is your disability ERG/Network on its journey and what are your aims? For example, are you:

  • Starting out and looking to formally launch an ERG/Network or attract committee members 

  • Established and stepping up and keen to attract new members or engage the business on a particular topic? 

  • Thriving and innovating and keen to use the moment to connect with disability ERG/Networks from other organisations or key clients to increase impact. 


What do you want to achieve via #PositivelyPurple and how will you showcase the impact? 

  • As with all movements of change, #PositivelyPurple is more than a day in the annual calendar of 'diversity days'. In order for your involvement to contribute to culture change you need to be clear from the start about what is the change that you want to see. 

  • Set clear objectives. 

  • Consider what you need to track or record to demonstrate impact. 

How do you showcase the impact of #PositivelyPurple? 

  • Participating in #PositivelyPurple can impact your organisation as well as your ERG/Network in many ways. For example, you may see growth in the number of employees sharing that they have a disability or long term condition. You may see a growth in ERG/Network membership or increased investment in your ERG/Network from the organisation. 

  • Think about how you want to share the impact of your participation in #PostivelyPurple, consider creating an Impact Case Study


Our Member Support Pack will assist with #PositivelyPurple planning.

Impact Case Studies