Case studies of ERG / Network impact

In 2021 HSBC, GSK, Clifford Chance, UK financial Ombudsman, TSB and the Austrian Parliament created Impact Case Studies to showcase why they participate in #PositivelyPurple (when it was known as #PurpleLightUp) and how they have been able to leverage it to great impact. 

A #PositivelyPurple Case Study is a fantastic way for employers to showcase the work they have done in the previous years’ and/or how they plan to leverage the momentum and what they intend to do this year. Employers can use this to showcase their ERG/Network internally and grow reputation externally. Case studies are a powerful way to demonstrate impact, return on investment and showcase your commitment.

Members can click on the logos below to see that organisations Case Study. 

If you would like to demonstrate the impact of participating in the #PositivelyPurple movement, you can your own Impact Case Study using our Case Study pack for an example

Please find the Case Study creation guide here
Please find the Case study accessibility guide here
Please find the Case Study example here

Impact Case Studies