How to build employee engagement

#PositivelyPurple provides an tangible way of engaging colleagues and building allies. 

Here are some examples of how our members have leveraged the #PositivelyPurple movement in previous years, which may offer some ideas of how you could get employees engaged 

  • With IDPWD landing on a weekend, you might choose to run a series of events over a week, for example, focusing on a specific condition or theme per day (e.g. mental health or neurodiversity). 

  • If you're holding an online event, keep in mind your higher purpose. How does this event contribute to the long-term plans of the ERG/Network group? If so, how? What do you want people to think, to feel and to do after attending? 

  • Selfie competition - you might ask employees to post selfies wearing pre-loved purple clothing and enlisting the help of the communications departments to create a selfie board to share with the organisation on the 3rd December or afterwards. 

Our Member Support Pack will assist with #PositivelyPurple planning.

Impact Case Studies