#PositivelyPurple 2023: Global Leader to Leader Conversations

We encourage ‘Leader to Leader’ conversations across the employer community as part of #PositivelyPurple. Since 2021 we have been inviting organisations around the world to publish Leader to Leader Conversations between disability ERG/Network Leaders and their CEO or C-suite leaders on the 3rd of December.

‘Leader to Leader’ provides organisations from across the public, private and NGO/for purpose organisations with the perfect platform to celebrate the contribution of employees with disabilities. PurpleSpace members, as well as other organisations, are invited to use Leader to Leader conversations to publicly celebrate the power of positive disability ERG/Networks to create change.

Leader to Leader conversations enables employers to: 

  • Create a positive narrative about disability and work 

  • Support internal business improvement work via the showcasing of one practical change made over the course of the year 

  • Build employee confidence by creating a strong expectation of a positive outcome 

  • Promote a global definition of confidence

Leader to Leader Film Guidance 

  • Must include a conversation between the ERG/Network leader and CEO or a Senior C-Suite Leader 

  • Offer the name of your ERG/Network, how long you've operated along with ONE key success and ONE key aim for 2024 

  • Participants are encouraged to wear pre-loved clothes and to mention why they are doing so and encourage others to do so 

  • Films should be no longer than 2:20 minutes in length to maximise social media potential such as Twitter

  • We would like to showcase films via our platforms. If you would like yours to be included, please submit by 15 November 2023.

Positively Practical Tips: 

  • Put accessibility at the top of your planning agenda. Ensure you have subtitles added 

  • If your CEO isn't available, have the conversation with a Senior C-Suite Leader. This is your opportunity to secure top of the shop discussions about your disability ERG/Network 

  • Think about how you can leverage both internally and externally, there might be direct messages from your CEO for employees and/or customers

Leader to Leader Film Examples 

  • Accenture US Disability Co-Lead, Sarah Cline speaks to Accenture CEO Jimmy Etheridge 

  • Former Co-Chairs of Channel 4's 4Purple Network. Corie Brown and Nicole Steven speak to CEO Alex Mahon 

  • Leaders of GSK's Disability Confidence Network, Andy Garrett and Tracy Mitchelson speak to Sally Jackson, Chair of GSK Global Disability Council 

  • National Trust's Workability Co-Chairs, Heather Smith and Lavinia Bramwell speak to Emma Dwan O'Reilly, Head of Operations 

  • Unilever's Enable Co-chairs Nakul Gaur and Joanna Allen speak to CEO, Alan Jope 


Here are a selection of Leader to Leader conversations, click on the company Logo to be view the video

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