#PurpleLightUp 2021: Global Leader to Leader Conversations

What do you call the people who head up disability Employee Resource Groups/Networks?

We call them leaders.

This year, PurpleSpace is sparking global conversations between CEOs and employees with disabilities.

We’re inviting every organisation with a disability Employee Resource Group (ERG)/Network to record 2-3 minute video conversations between disability ERG/Network Leaders and CEOs and publish them via Youtube or social media platforms on 3rd December 2021, International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Joining this global cacophony of Leader to Leader conversation provides organisations with the perfect opportunity to celebrate the economic contribution of employees with disabilities and shine a light on the work of those who are making the most extraordinary contribution to cultural change, the disability ERG/Network leader. 

We encourage these leaders to discuss:

  • Why they choose to celebrate the economic contribution of employees with disabilities.

  • Why disability ERG/networks and/or learning directly from employees with disability is such powerful vehicle for cultural change.

  • The characteristics of purposeful leadership.

The key messages that many will want to share are:

  • The colleagues that head up disability ERGs/Networks are Leaders.  

  • If you are serious about learning directly from your own people you need to invest in and engage with your disability ERG/Network.

  • The global community of disability ERGs/Networks grows, at pace – CEOs/senior executives must support them.

Download the Briefing (PDF) Download the Briefing (Word)


Graeme, #PurpleLightUp Leader to Leader Campaign Director (graeme.hsbc@purplespace.org) and Alex, #PurpleLightUp Leader to Leader Outreach Coordinator (alex.hsbc@purplespace.org) are available to help if you need any support in the run up to your plans on 3rd December


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