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Readers share their views on why 'Positively Purple' by Kate Nash OBE is a must-read for any business leader wanting real-world advice on driving cultural change on disability inclusion,

"Positively Purple should be required reading for every FTSE 250 CEO. Business leaders need to understand and value 'human capital'. Kate Nash is an expert in helping us recognise the value of every human - including those with disabilities." ― Ian Stuart, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC UK Bank plc

"Positively Purple is a tale about the talent and potential of people with disabilities. Any CEO wanting to test the robustness of their disability strategy should understand the politics of disability. Kate's personal story told with brutal honesty, is a compelling read and full of practical lessons." ― Duncan Tait, Chief Executive, Inchcape plc

"Global multinationals like GSK, increasingly choose to learn directly from their employees with disabilities. Building disability confidence from the inside out by investing in a disability employee resource group will make the journey so much easier. Kate's personal story shows us how to supercharge the disability inclusion revolution and create a better, more accessible, working world." ― Andy Garrett, GSK Workplace Adjustments Service Programme Director, Global co-lead GSK Disability Confidence Network

"It's hard for me to talk about Kate and her work without sounding like I am always using hyperbole. I find Kate Nash's presence throughout Positively Purple inspiring. Her words embolden the reader to participate as proactive protagonists in the fight for equity. The path she outlines uses lessons from other equality and identity dimensions but adds a particular magic, unique to Kate herself. This book is essential reading for anyone who would call themselves an ally of equity at work. My team and I are all avid fans of Kate and grateful for all her lessons and practical actions." ― John Amaechi OBE, APS

"Kate Nash has managed to do what no one before her has ever done. Positively Purple is the manuscript for living life and creating epic change for people with disabilities. Kate's special brand of combined grace and spicy wit helps us quite literally feel better for life. She has taught us how to feel good and change the world simultaneously as shown by empirical data. Prepare to have a hard time putting the book down." ― Belinda May, Partner & Co-Chair, Dentons US LLP Disability/Accessibility ERG Affinity Group

"Positively Purple is an incredibly powerful and positive view into Kate's world and the invaluable work she continues to do to raise awareness of the challenges millions face daily. Kate Nash delves into the world of work, which for many is a minefield, and opens the door by providing tangible suggestions for people with disabilities and those who are looking to hire the best talent!" ― Steve Ingham, Chief Executive, PageGroup

"An unrelentingly positive read! Brilliantly weaves her story with the must-read practical advice for employers. Show how employers can lead as allies to create a powerful movement for change, in delivering an inclusive workplace and society." ― Mark Hodgkinson, Chief Executive, Scope

"There is nothing inevitable about progress - it takes relentless campaigning and great campaigners. Kate is one of those people. Her insights into how to create a space without fear of getting it wrong and the importance of positive campaigning should be read by every social change campaigner." ― Tiernan Brady, Global Director of Inclusion, Clifford Chance LLP

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