Positively Purple

What the readers say

In her new book Positively Purple – you will get to know Kate the storyteller, the impatient activist, the patient strategist, the business leader, the critical friend – as she shares proven strategies for success with disabled people and business leaders wanting to create an equitable working world for disabled people.

For many people with a disability, either visible or invisible, that experience is hard to navigate in the context of work.

Sharing a compelling personal story, Kate Nash OBE offers practical advice for how employers can build environments of trust and support for those with disabilities, how employees with disabilities can advocate for themselves and flourish in the workplace and how those without disabilities can be true allies.

This is not a book about the legal definitions of disability, language preferences or what different pieces of legislation require employers to do when it comes to people with disabilities.

Positively Purple is a practical guide, via a real story, to help drive purposeful internal change for and by people with disabilities.

"I remember very clearly the moment I first felt able to ask a colleague to carry something for me. I had had arthritis since I was 15 – it was probably a decade and two hips and knee replacements later…I was exhausted…A box needed shifting… I asked my PA if she could move it for me.

I then went into the ladies’ loo and cried. I had never asked any colleague to do something that you would expect most folk to do. It is never as bad the second time though we must actively choose to lean in to fear, no matter how politicized we are and how wedded we are to the social model of disability as our Polaris, our own North Star."

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