FutureMaker Programme:

PurpleSpace FutureMakers Programme

Are you the next disability ERG/Network leader in your organization?

Do you want to be a part of a development programme that will take you places?

We are on the look out for 12 FutureMakers, a cohort of future disability ERG/Network leaders who want to hone their leadership skills, contribute to their organisations disability strategic priorities, learn from and network with other global leaders and essentially change the world?

Funded through our Futurist members an opportunity to accelerate the third phase of change: where employees with disabilities build inner confidence and support their organisation to learn directly from the lived experience of their own people via ERGs/Networks.

September 2023 sees the launch of the FutureMakers programme for high potential future disability ERG/Network leaders. 12 places will be available for high-potential future ERG/Network leaders working in PurpleSpace membership organisations (Core and Futurists). These may be current deputy chairs or committee members or anyone interested in leading the disability ERG/Network within their organisation that has the potential to be a ERG/Network leader of the future. The programme is also open to new ERG/Network leaders of a newly established ERG/Network (within the last 12 months)

The programme includes the following opportunities:

  • Three Masterclasses with guest speakers on topics such as: Disability Data, ESG and Sustainable Development Goals and building the Inner Confidence of employees with disabilities.
  • Access to a PurpleSpace Member Coach through quarterly group 1:1's
  • Monthly Leadership Peer group invitations.
  • Building a global Network of ERG contacts across sectors and industry.
  • Contribute to PurpleSpace research and output of the universal definition of inner confidence and purple allyship.
  • Opportunity to contribute to the PurpleSpace Global Summit 2024.

Please find brochure, application form links here:
If you have any questions please get in touch with sallyO@purplespace.org

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